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Originally Posted by SabreSabre View Post
Well hello fellow and fella riders !
We've had a couple snowy days here in SE colorado and freezing temps but we're up in the 50s today and roads are thawing enough to take a ride as long as I stay on main roads.... which means I have to go the long way to get to town,,, awwww shucks.

When Im not able to ride I make sure to go start my bike every couple of days and give Her, Miss Cherry Pie, a once over.
I've taken to shoveling a path from my bike to the end of my driveway so I can reach the clear road.
A while back when I rode to town I rushed it a bit and ended up on ice and snow and man that sure prompted the old pucker factor.

Speaking of spills. I've only ever fell over three times in 27,000 miles and those times were at nearly a stand still. Very embarrassing but a great way to meet men ! LOL. Chivalry is not dead thank goodness because I can't pick that b***h up when I drop her. I hear there's ways of turning the front tire to aid in up righting the bike but so far nothing works for me except an extra set of muscles. So thanks all you men out there who still believe women need a helping hand occasionally because my goodness, it is sure appreciated. Love Yas ! SS

Im still using my cell phone and a crappy one at that so unfortunately posting photos is out of the question because using my cell is more than frustrating to the point of nearly unloading a clip into it each time I try. But I'll get it figured out then post some photos Ive wanted to share. Keep it up on two. !
Welcome aboard ! Try downloading the Tapatalk app. It's super easy to use and pics are a breeze! Alot of us are using it now.

ride safe !

02 1100 shadow spirit
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