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It happens every time

Well, lightning has struck again. It seems I am incapable of just performing a simple task. My plans were simple. Change my fork seals. A quick clean of the forks and I would be good. And in the normal fashion, Things kind of snow balled again. I checked on prices to have my fork seals changed. About 350 out the door. I figured I would buy a jack, seals, and do it my self. Saving a bunch of money. Some how things got out of control again. I bought the jack and for seals. Then figured if I was doing that. Why not add progressive springs. I started polishing the forks while staring at my front wheel. I figured I should clean it up too. A closer look told me the wheel was in bad, bad shape. So I found a nice wheel to replace it. Now the tires look pretty bad. Still some rubber left but they look old. So, I ordered new tires. Now my brain is running amuck again. I am now going to seal the wheel up so I can run tubeless. I ordered dyno beads for the balancing. I got new brakes to install since the calipers are off. At this point, I don't see how I can put all this shiny stuff on with out polishing every thing else on the front end. So off came the risers. By the end of the week. I hope to have pulled the triple tree and have it polished up too. I May as well inspect, clean and re pack the bearings while it is off. Now this seems to happen to me way to often. I start off with a simple plan, only to keep adding a step, then another and so on. The plus side to all this is, I will be ready to go once the weather gets nice again. The bike was running great when I parked it.
Sooooo let this be a lesson to all. if you want to have any money left at the end of the week. Stick to the plan.
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