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Originally Posted by gat803 View Post
No, they don't.
I lived on a large chain of lakes for 6 years and I've had boats for 30....and I don't wave to other boaters, around here most boaters don't. It's just silly. Look! You're in a boat, I'm in a boat. HI!!!!!
LMBO!! I've said the same thing about other swimming pool owners and such like. Whats the big deal about waving to someone else on a bike? Other car drivers don't always wave to each other like some elite group of awesome people because they are driving cars.
HOW did waving to other riders get started anyway?? Off to google!
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Originally Posted by shadowbox View Post
Maybe it's because you wave both hands in the air like you're trying to flag down a rescue plane on a deserted island...
THAT'S exactly how I do it!! LOL!

Many riders believe there was a secret wave society similar to the Priere de Sion formed around 1903 when that first HD rolled out of that shed, but there wasn’t. It all started, one day in 1904 when Arthur Davidson passed by William Harley and since they knew each other, they waved. Well, another biker saw the two "Kings of Motorcycles" doing this and thought this was a biker necessity and the tradition was born. The waving tradition continued on through the years and became haphazard. There were bikers doing the “Bye Grandma Wave”, others doing the "Howdy Wave" and still others doing the extremely feminine “Princess Wave". In 1946, after several years of these, image destroying gestures, a group of crusty old bikers decided to put some proper waving rules in place and formed the Wave Hard And True - Biker Society. Abbreviated: WHAT-BS
To wave or not to wave, that is the question. We’ve all faced that critical mass state when we felt obligated to wave but then became unsure. The worrying starts and then there’s that overwhelming feeling of guilt. Well, worry no more; here are some general waving rules to help guide you : 1)interstate; unnecessary, 2) in a curve; unnecessary 3) in the rain or at night; unnecessary 4) on a mellow two lane; proper. 5) a highway with little traffic; proper 6) A rally, unnecessary and 7) in traffic, unnecessary. There are, however, times when not waving is just down right rude. So if you’re not a jackass, when you are presented with “The Wave” you should, if at all possible, reciprocate. If it’s the proper place and time and you receive no reciprocal wave, don’t get your panties in a bunch and think you’ve just passed a jackass, because there are some acceptable reasons. These reasons are as follows: 1) you weren’t seen, 2) clutch manipulation or 3) a head nod was substituted.
There are 5 basic waves 1) the left-handed low wave, 2) the left-handed straight out wave, 3) the left-handed high wave 4) the right-handed (ha, ha, I have cruise control) wave and 5) the left-handed forward wave. The variations of these waves are as varied as the bikers & the bikes they drive, but there are some basic rules.
1) Left-handed low wave, sometimes called the Harley or cruiser wave. Typically seen used on cruiser style or custom chopped motorcycles. The arm is fully extended and aimed down towards the street in a 45 or lesser degree angle with the extension of either one, two, three or five fingers. The direction of the palm is also critical to the look and feel of this wave. The palm must either face the other rider or face the road. A classic variation of the finger positioning is throwing a peace sign (Duce) or thumbs up. To low wave with an angle greater than 45 degrees and/or with the palm facing up or back and/or with the use of 4 fingers is telling the biker community at large that you are either new or inept. If you have a cruiser and can’t get this wave to work for you, then consider the Left-Handed straight out wave or trading out your bike.
2) Left-handed straight out wave is an all around general wave. Typically seen used on crotch rockets, cruisers, customs and baggers alike. The arm can be either fully or partially extended with no more than a 10 degree angle higher or lower than the shoulder. The palm must be facing the oncoming rider in either a horizontal or vertical position and a full palm must be shown. It is suggested you present the hand in a relaxed state, as flattening it will make you look like a dork. The classic variations of the peace sign (duce) or thumbs up are also acceptable. If practiced, this is one of the easiest waves to master and will work with all bikes. If for some reason you can’t get this wave to work, you will probably have serious problems with the kickstand dynamic and should immediately sell your motorcycle before you cause yourself anymore embarrassment!
3) Left-handed high wave is a variation of the typical wave seen made by kings and kids alike. Mostly used by upright riders of crotch rockets and baggers. The elbow is kept even or slightly lower than shoulder height. The elbow should be bent at about a 75 – 85 degree angle with a slight forward angling of the forearm. The palm must be facing the oncoming rider and the hand can either remain still or the use of a side to side motion is acceptable. This wave has been proven very useful when you have a loose watchband. It is suggested you present the hand in a relaxed state, as once again, flattening it will make you appear to be a dork. The classic variations of the peace sign (duce) or thumbs up are frowned upon when using this type of wave. it’s a bit too over the top. Important: Should you be riding a crotch rocket, it is extremely important to maintain the image by using this wave only if the left hand is coming from the left hip or thigh. This should never, ever be used when coming from the handlebars. Warning of possible injury: Do not use this type of wave on a cruiser. You will appear aloof, snobbish and everyone will hate you! If you have a medical condition or feel you must use this type of wave, get a bagger or ride a crotch rocket only in the upright position and don’t be a dick about it. There are rules! 4) Right-handed (ha, ha, I have cruise control) wave. This is an occasional use wave by bagger riders. Typically seen being employed by Ultra Classic and Goldwing riders. They’re riding on rolling living room sofas. These big, comfy and not really coooool bikes are great for touring. This lack of coolness can cause a temporary condition known as “Dickishness” which can be instantly healed by passing a cruiser giving the right hand wave. The general message being sent is “You might be on a cool bike but damn it, I’m comfy”. If the rider of the touring bike is a smoker he will typically light up a cigarette or a cigar, just to drive that point home.
5) Left-handed forward wave. This wave is solely used by crotch rocket riders because, let’s face it, what the hell else can they do in that position? A flashed wave, is almost imperceptible due to the speed of the wave and the bike. To execute this wave one must slightly raise the left hand from the grip, no more than 3 or 4 inches, show the palm and return to the grip. This entire motion must be fluid and executed in under three seconds. You must learn all the intricacies of this wave before you take your first ride. If you don’t, they will know you’re a newbie and you’ll instantly become pink slip bait. The only way to avoid this lame wave stigma is by doing something crazy like riding a wheelie while naked. If you don’t fall off, that’s a big plus!
The last and probably most important part of the wave is the hand you’re using to wave. You’ll want to care for that hand because without it; How do you expect to wave? Get some of the Time Rider's Shtuff For Bikers; Crack & Crevice Cleaner (body & bike cleaner) to clean that hand up and some Totally Awesome Crap (liquid glove) to protect it
When approaching another biker always remember to maintain the rule of "The Wave", you never know who's watching
Why yes, I do happen to like Purple.
What was your first clue?

They say laughter is the best medicine. Unless you are laughing ALL the time, then you probably need some REAL medicine, you freak.

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Just an observation (My thoughts on waving having been previously posted)...

After a spell of post-Sandy non-riding days, I got on my bike, put on my silver full-face helmet, and headed out for nowhere in particular.

Almost none of the riders I came across waved.

A few days later I got on my Vespa scooter, put on my black half-helmet and goggles, and headed on out.

Almost every rider I came across waved.

Conclusion: It's not the type of bike, it's the helmet.
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I just got back from riding in southern Florida. A good portion of the riders waved and I waved back. Some didn't even seem to notice, which is fine. My conclusion is; I think some riders don't know to wave and/or don't care to participate.
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Originally Posted by grapejuice1998 View Post
That is the question.

I always try to give a friendly wave to other motorcyclists, but I'll bet 8 out of 10 of them don't wave back. What's the general consensus on this? Should I mind my own business and just concentrate on riding, or should I continue to wave if I can do so without putting myself in any danger?
That's funny, I've had the opposite experience, I always wave, but I would say 8 out of 10 wave back. It's generally really only the Harley and Hayabusa guys that don't wave back.

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<RANT>When I waz broken down on HWY 101 in WA...No one waved (or stopped)...still holding a grudge....I was on Chuckinut HWY (Bellingham) doing a high G turn waving @ a group of bikes...thinkin...screw this...Now I NEVER seems kinna stupid. I used to do it because we think we a special...waz the guy waving when he ran off the road and hit that tree...skill level sometimes will allow a quick wave...Do cars wave @ us...they are the enemy (DEER)...oh I didn't see a motorcycle...Look...itz up to the cyclist to deem what is safe and want to return to your happy home....why take a in WA State waving seems to be unwritten rule of the road. How did this tradition start? I want to make it back alive...I mean if I am in the middle of Montana and a rider waves to me, I will NOD back. ?<END RANT>
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Well the one time I ran out of gas two people stopped, had someone on the way so needed no help, first was a woman on a VLX asking if I needed any help or a cell phone and the second was a pickup who turned out to be a rider offering to give me a ride and back to a gas station lol so yes I wave and at worst ill keep my hand on the bars and put my fingers out.
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Default Most wave around here

Here in western NY it's rare when other bikers don't wave. It's mainly the 1 percenters that won't bother. I always wave.
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With the many daily bike commuters here in N. FL, I stopped initiating a wave and now just return waves in most cases.

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I rarely initiate the wave, and to be honest I don't return it often either. At most i lift my fingers off the bar.

I guess it's polite and all, but I'm all about me when on the bike
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