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Default Which way?

Some say it was the tax returns, some say it was the outrageous cable bill but whatever the reason, one minute Abe was quietly shuffling papers and writing checks and the next he was chucking
he computer along with the gnarly old wooden desk it sat upon out the window, five stories down to the street below.

I'M OUTTA HERE he announced to Shelia his current house mouse and with that he grabbed his keys and slammed the door. Five minutes of jangling keys and remembering combinations later he sprung his old weather worn Ace from it's rental garage, dusted off his riding leathers and clicked the ignition to the on slot.

The 17 year old bike might not be the prettiest thing on the street these days but as always it fired right up. He sat there and revved it a few minutes partly to warm it up, partly out of unnamed frustration.. finally after causing some local ear drums to bleed he shouted out SCREW IT ALL!and duumped the clutch, fish tailing out of the little alley way and onto the main drag of Hicksville USA.

He had no idea where he was going or why, he just know he had had enough, enough of the mundaneness of his pathetic little life, enough of bills, paying dues, going nowhere, doing nothing.. it was time for him to live, to kick up his heels a little.. to be free.

Sorry Sheila he thought to himself, She was an ok chick, easy to look at and not bad in the sack. Sorry boss.. he mused as an afterthought, won't be in.. ever again.

The miles poured on, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred. The only stops he made were to withdraw cash, take in a light mid afternoon feeding and gas stops. Soon he was two states away cruising along a country black top and finally starting to relax a little bit.

He almost didn't see the car as he rounded the curve, he would not have noticed at all if not for that fine ass bent over the fender. Damsels in distress were his soft spot, so he pulled the ACE over. The woman gave a glance his way, a glance that said he did not register as a threat to her so he dismounted and walked over.

What is it or isn't it doing he asked her.

It kind of just died she said. He prodded around under the hood for a few minutes and then asked her if she had a some wrenches. Yeah she said my ex made up a emergency tool kit in the trunk, I'll go get it. A few minutes later the old Firebird was up and running as good as well and old Firebird can. Your ground strap came loose Abe told her, you should be all set now.

Becky she said. Huh? Abe replied. Becky she said, my name is Becky.. I figured you might be asking. Oh. was all he could mutter. I don't think I have seen you round here before..uh.. Abe he said. You new in town Abe?

Hell, I'm new in this whole state, never been here before at all he said. Thirsty? Becky asked. If you are, why don't we leave my car here and you can take me for a ride down to the Pig Pen.. it's a local watering hole, I'll buy you a beer as a thank you.

Three hours later he was rocking her bed and her world. The next morning Abe woke up disoriented, he checked a few doors and finally found the John. She was still sleeping, he debated whether it would be more chivalrous just to walk the bike down the driveway and onto the street.. once again the words SCREW IT came shouting out, he fired up the warmed over 1100 , let out a piss poor rebel yell and sped off into the morning sun.

He was about 120 miles down a near deserted road when he noticed a fast moving vehicle in the distance, coming from behind. Even though it wasn't much more then a dot, he knew he just knew it was her.

Quicker then expected the dot started taking shape, it was the Firebird all right but it wasn't Becky behind the wheel.. Jealous boyfriend? Husband? He didn't know or care, he only knew that out here in the boonies with precious few side roads that he was a sitting duck.

He decided to just pull over.. take cover in the woods that surrounded him, as he made his retreat the bird was in striking distance, but to his amazement the guy driving it seem oblivious to his existence, the big black Pontiac continued it's rapid flight down the road, not even as much as a cursory swerved towards his old Shadow.. WTF? He wondered.

Well since he was in the woods anyway and seeing it had been a while since he had his daily constitution, he made like the bears,deer and assorted woodland creatures and did his part for nature and recycling.

Two more hours and he was in yet another state. He stopped at a greasy little diner and ordered up some hot cakes and homemade hash, along with a large black coffee. He was just sopping up the last of the fake maple syrup when he noticed the Firebird again, parked directly across the street. He also noticed the dent in the side door. A dent that was not there when he did his sir Gallahad schtick for Becky the day before.
He noticed something else too.. drops of what looked like red paint in the areas adjacent the dent.. except he already knew it wasn't blood..like he already knew he wasn't going to be playing slap and tickle with that Becky chick again.

He scanned the diner and locked glances s with a slim scraggly looking dude in an old leather hat. The dude was wearing stoner shades, and smiled right at Abe while giving him a solid one bird salute. The guy got up from his booth, paid the cashier, looked one more at Abe and made a slashing motion across his own throat.. he then smiled again, tipped his hat, left the diner and drove away..

Abes thoughts raced about.. what in the Same hell did I get myself into here he thought to himself. All I wanted was to get out of that go nowhere little urban prison I was locked into and have a little fun!

After paying his bill Abe scoped out the street.. no Firebird in sight.. what was his plan of action gonna be?. There were three roads into town, three different secondary routes out. One would eventually take him back home, one the guy in the Pontiac just went down.. and one was a mystery.

Which way to go?
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So when do we get the next chapter?

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Crap he said.. door number three it is. Hitting the throttle hard and sending the ACE squealing sideways Abe headed for destination unknown, or so he thought anyway..abut a hundred miles later the ACE was in need of fuel and Abe was in need of a piss. He pulled into a run down local yokel general store and filled up the bike. After he took care bodily functions he rummaged around for some road food and water.
The store clerk gave him a smile and said, how ya been Abe, I haven't seen you in years!
Abe looked real close at the middle aged woman, nada, no recognition whatsoever. Diane ABE!.. Diane. You know Michelles mother? Mrs. Wilson?, Abe said. I can't be in Salmon River can I? Nope she replied, two towns away Abe, your in Freedom.

How the hell did I wind up in Freedom he thought to himself? So close to home.. help!
Wait a minute.. why would my brothers help me now.. they never did before.
Mrs Wilson however, she was always so nice, so kind.
So anyway Mrs Wilson, Diane she insisted..
Ok, anyway Diane, hows Michelle these days anyway?
Drunk, but you should know that huh Abe?
Sorry.. Diane, I need a place to lay up for a while, get mu thoughts together. Do you still have that little garage on Cove road? If so I'd like to rent it out.. I'll pay all utilities.

Sure she said. It ain't been used in a while and will probably need a cleaning. Give me $300 in advance and I'll take care of turning everything on.

Salmon river was a small town, but not so small as to be disconnected from modern life several ATM's were nearby and Abe had access to many accounts. He never gave Becky and personal info so there was no way the guy tracking him could have his cell number, and Shelia only knew about the ONE cell phone.. not this one, just as she only knew about a few of his accounts..some things a guy has to keep to himself.

The garage was dirty all right but nothing unmanageable. It was old and huge, more than enough for man and machine to co-exist . Abe got settled and took out the maps, which he hadn't been paying attention to in days, and figured out how he wound up here. Satisfied that he wasn't losing his mind Abe ordered up some take out pizza and tended to some basic maintenance on the ACE.

He set up his Ipod and speakers and settled into some polishing, it relaxed him. Suddenly his cell phone rang.. unknown number. He let it ring.. it disconnected and less then a minute later a voice mail appeared.. He listened .. it was Shelia, Hi Abe, we know where you are..later.
Skulz..it ain't just a bike thing to me

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This is getting interesting...

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You have my attention…

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Just Cruise...
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Enjoying the read Dave.

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Okay Dave you can't stop now. Go the rest of the way!
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Dave... keep 'em coming !!
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Great read!! Can't wait for the next one! If this was a book, I'd buy it!

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There's a life lesson in there somewhere. Though it may be everything you do can get you, even nothing.

Enjoying the read.
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