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Re: handlebars

Originally Posted by tank69rh
Thanks for all the advise. I was thinking of using the "Daytona" (in black)handlebars from the site. they are similar to the existing bars but are a bit wider and of a lower profile. I wanted something wider and not as far back (if you know what i mean), my arms are bent almost at a 90% angle when I ride.
I am putting Nighthawk 650 handlebars on my Shadow 500. I like the position much better (similar situation as yours), but to finish the project I need a shorter clutch cable and the original front brake master cylinder now mounts at an angle so that I would not want to open the top. So, I am looking for a Nighthawk master cylinder & mounting clamp as well as a shorter brake line. BUT I think the extra work is worth the better ergonomic position for my arms.

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