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  1. Harleyrider
    08-17-2016 11:35 AM - permalink
    Spiritman, i'm kinda new to the honda-shadow forum, but would like to be able to acess the off-site forum, also. Thanks! HarleyRider
  2. Spiritman
    07-30-2016 12:09 PM - permalink
    Ask and ye shall receive you and your attitude are not needed on this forum.
  3. sidewinder750
    07-30-2016 11:18 AM - permalink
    Thanks for mouthing off your opinion then closing my thread!! Just proves my point buddy!! Everyone can say what they want, but i'm not allowed too nice! I could not care less about views or subscriptions buddy! I do it because I like it!!!! Did you even read the other posts or just the last few, I had been cool about it. But when everyone keeps saying the same thing over and over, and even saying yes others have already said this, it is called badgering me about it! and TROLLING ME!! Look up the definition!!!!!!! Then you come and tell me off!! Nice you are a Admin! You should act like one!!!!! So F/U Bud. NOW BAN ME BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I HAVE TOO SAY!!! You are a bunch of Dbags!! And your site is a joke that is why you beg for money!!!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME ASHAMED TO BE A SHADOW OWNER!!!!!
  4. HoosierScooter
    06-29-2016 11:05 AM - permalink

    Gnarly recommended that I check out the "Broke Biker Ministry" thread yesterday, and I found out that I don't have permission to view it.

    Also, others have recommended that I ask for access to the off topic forum.

    Maybe these are the same issue?

    So, mother may I? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

    Edit: LOL, thought this was a P.M.
  5. Moonrider
    06-22-2016 10:34 AM - permalink
    Hey Spiritman.... could I get access to the off-topic section? I promise to behave. LOL Thanks Greg
  6. Nuh_auni
    06-17-2016 12:57 AM - permalink
    Don't know if it was you or just the passage of time for things to take effect, but I seem to have the access now, thank you.
  7. Nuh_auni
    06-17-2016 12:38 AM - permalink

    Fairly new to forums in general and I used an app (tapatalk) to send you a similar message but I'm not 100% sure if it will reach you so forgive me if you get both but...

    You seem to be head honcho around here so I thought I'd come to the source with my questions.

    I've posted my 3 to introductions and still don't seem to be able to participate in the other thread lines, nor can I upload an avatar.

    Did I miss a time frame requirement or have I broken something? Lol
  8. Rocketryan
    04-05-2016 04:07 PM - permalink
    Hi, I just got my bike plated yesterday, went for that new reduced limited liability insurance with SGI saved me a bit, weather turned crappy again but let me know sometime if you want to come out this way for a cruise, I know all the rural highways, paved routes in the area around lloydminster.


  9. Parotechnic
    02-01-2016 04:30 PM - permalink
    hey I was wondering how I gain access to post a thread on the technical forum, is it because im not a premium?
  10. 7xclm
    01-04-2016 08:13 AM - permalink
    For some reason I am not able to see my post to a thread. I've tried to refresh the page, even logged out then back in and still can not see my post.


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