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A Bear Scare Ride

I was just sitting here and thought I want to tell a little story that happened to me and a friend back in 1998. We both were off work for a two week vacation and decided that the both of us would use one week with the family and one week with just us two guys on a bike run. He decided we should ride out to Montana then come back through Wyoming and back home the more southern route. Well most of the trip went just fine through the Dakotas and such then Idaho and into Montana. We were on the stretch of road that did not have a speed limit to it but did not try to see if we could reach the speed of light or anything. We just took it up over a 100 a couple times then brought it back to a safe cruising speed. One spot on that road my buddy spotted a Grizzly Bear off the road side about 85 yards or so away tearing up an old stump most likely getting into some bees nest for the honey. He stopped and shut down but I kept my bike running because I am not to partial to 9 foot tall bears that can have me for dinner plus my bike was kick start only. Well during the course of my friend taking some photos of the bear doing his dinner prep the bear got startled by the sound of my bike. He stood straight up and then I seen he was well over 9 foot, one big SOB of a bear. My friend immediately hopped on his bike and started it up. But when he revved it up loud the bear started to charge our position. My friend took off down the road safely but what the hell did I do was but to stall mine right at that second. Let me tell you that I never in my life ever kick started a Harley so fast in my life and just barely made it to a safe distance after burning the rear tire off in my take off away from this creature to save my A$$. Well little to say that we both made it away safely. I will never stop by a road side again to view a larger then me predator that can eat me in a few bites.

PS: That night I spent a lot of time washing out my BVD's after that caper went down earlier in the day. Just rethinking it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and sends goose bumps popping out all over me again. I don't crap my pants about it anymore though.

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