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If you don't want to wear a helmet and your state doesn't require it...then don't wear one. But please God...don't try and justify your actions by what ifing the crash data...or what has alway been COMMON SENSE knowledge...which is having a protective helmet over your brain will help you survive should you bump your noggin. No.. crash data doesn't contain every piece of information we wish it did so we could really say helmets are safer or not...but did you need an infrared heat gauge with triple flux capacitors to know the stove was hot...or was it just common sense? I don't need crash data to tell me that a helmet is safer than no helmet...or that a full face is better than a half helmet...I know this already. And I for one would not want to live with myself if someone died or became a vegetable because I talked them out of wearing a helmet for my own stupid anti helmet propaganda reasons. So in closing...I am pro choice...I think it should be an option....but don't try and say helmets dont help, or gun locks don't protect children, or condoms are black magic, or democrats are good for this country....all equally ridiculous statements in my book ??
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