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Originally Posted by jpr1968 View Post
I never said helmets don't protect. States are using faulty, directed studies to justify helmet laws. I wonder if there was ever a study done on fractures necks due to helmets.
True, I think all statistics are quoted to serve that which a statistician would seek to prove..

But, Neck damage? I have heard that one too.. Who really knows that, or could prove that one way or another?

The same faulty math would need to apply..

It's probably more likely to PROVE that the use of helmets prevent loss of profit to emergency rooms.. As a helmet might prevent more superficial injuries that go unpaid after a person is patched up.

But, Motorcycle accidents - every-single last one of them, is different.. Because a person's body is being flung around like a rag doll and there's impacts here, there, and everywhere..

It's not crash dummy time, where the dummy hits the object the same way under the same angle, at the same speeds every-single time. So I think it's IMPOSSIBLE to prove that the use of helmets save lives..

I think a person can apply a little logic and say that they Can Help to prevent Some Injuries under Certain Circumstances..

But yes.. I wholly agree.. Due to the variations in what happens when any motorcyclist is bouncing off the road's surface, you couldn't possibly say that helmets save lives..

You could imagine it to be true.. But that's not proving it.. I can't see how that could be even remotely possible to prove. Just too many variations in impact data to properly ascertain.

So.. Most definitely then, a helmet should be thing of choice.. Should be the same choice as choosing to wear an armored jacket, pants or gloves (for example)..

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