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Originally Posted by sidejam View Post
This is very hypothetical. But, the best thing that could happen is if you do go down, is that you stay down. No clue what kind of coverage or insurance you have. I always worry, what if I survive, but can't work ever again? Now I'm a useless sack of meat that needs taking care of. I just can't bear the thought of putting my wife through something like that.
Sounds like you need hamster ball not a helmet joking.. ..But.. seriously.. A friend of mine (as kids) he was riding his bicycle down the road, the car in front of him slams on his brakes, my friend goes headfirst into the back of that car.. They drilled holes in his head to relieve the pressure, he was on a ventilator, poor little git died 3 times and they had to go to all the trouble of reviving him... A Lot..

Life is risk.. Literally, that's why they have insurance to limit that risk..

On a motorcycle you have your head, which, yes, is nice to keep pretty and intact, but impact to your helmet doesn't stop your brain from being punched into a bloody pulp as it bounces around inside your skull.. Then you have a spine (if you are lucky), which can snap very easily when you consider the forces involved of being caterpulted off your steed, twisting and rolling at high speeds down the road... Not good.. Especially if your bike is nice enough to dance with you during a high-side..

Look at Christopher Reeve. Fell off his horsie! .. Times those forces by a LOT ... So, like I say.. Luck plays into it a great deal and any kind of impact during a get-off and you are gonna be hurting for some time.. Unfortunately ..Usually ..there's impact..

Honestly.. Sounds like you need to talk to a decent insurance rep.. If you value your bike.. Insure it, if you value your ass.. I'd insure that too.. Because the risks are there that you could be seriously hurt in a get off - helmet or no..

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