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I had never had a modular before this one (always full face, or at least a full shield), and in future purchases, a modular is high on my list.

They are easier to put on and take off, you can talk to someone easily, when I stop for gas I can leave it on, even going inside the store. You can also actually take a sip of a drink while riding with a modular.
And if your driving slow (like in a parking lot or such) you can move the whole modular section up and it feels like an open face helmet, nice when it is hot out with minimal air flow.
Last riding class I did all the full face guys were complaining how hot it was, but those with modular (or open face) were OK.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a modular is they tend to have more wind noise due to the cracks of the modular part.
Just make sure you get a modular with metal latches (The LS2 Strobe has them). Some cheapen out and use plastic which could break in an accident.

I know I have seen at least 1 modular that the chin bar flips all the way around to the back of the helmet, basically giving you both a full face and open face option.

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