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If you do not own a pair of heated gloves.....

Stop whatever you are doing, and order a pair, RIGHT NOW !!

I just drove home from High Point-- 37 degrees, with wind chill that makes it feel 30 (according to the internet).... I had my new Tourmaster Synergy gloves set to medium (high/med/low setting) and could have rode ALL NIGHT!!!

They are worth every bit of the $129 -- and you don't need to buy trollers or controllers, or anything-- it comes with everything you need to wear them either with the coordinating jacket or by themselves.

My jacket is not here yet, so you take the enclosed cord, route thru each arm of your jacket, plug into the gloves and hook power cord in. I had my mechanic hook my battery cord in today-- took about 10 minutes (getting the seat on and off is the hardest part). The power cord comes out right above my seat and sits right there in the middle of the bottom of the tank.

Once the jacket is here-- there are connector cords in the cuffs that zip out to hook into the gloves which will make it a little easier. I would recommend the gloves regardless.

The difference between my $300 Hondaline heated grips and the heated gloves is this:

You FEEL the heat coming up through the grips onto your hands ---nice except when it's freezing and the wind is freezing your finger tips.

I don't feel the heat at all in the Tourmaster gloves--- what it feels like is that my hands are inside my house-- that comfortable temperature that's not hot, nor cold-- it's just right.

Sorry for the long review-- and I'm sure all the heated gloves work about the same-- I just like not having to buy all the accessories separately.

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