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  • Menhir ·
    A little help needed...

    I spent quite a few attempts unsuccessfully trying to change my email address.

    I've entered the proper password as requested, the same one I use to log on, and entered and double-checked the new email address, but nothing happens when I click on the "submit" button.

    Let me know what I'm missing, please.

    Thanks. :)
    rikstick ·
    I just wanted to let you know that I have a PayPal dispute over an item that I did not receive. The Honda Shadow Forum user's name is Clint Dunnet. He made a post about parting out his 2002 Honda Shadow VT750. I gave him 5 weeks and on our last message he got smart with me so I filed a PayPal dispute and now PayPal has escalated the dispute, so I no longer have to be in direct conversation with this guy. I'm just letting you all know. I do not want to violate any forum rules by posting negative things about him because I value this forum.
    michelleelyse ·
    Hi! I want to add a pic to my ad selling leatherlyke saddlebags. Can you help me out with that? or do I need to create a new post with the pics?
    David71 ·
    I had an older account that I could not get activated.
    It is David70.
    I would like you to deactivate it please.

    I got my new one up and going today.
    MotorcycleMD ·
    I apologize for the self promoting. I would like to proceed as a member of this forum. I want to help people as much as possible, and add value to this site anyway that I can. Thank you
    jbell1033 ·
    I keep getting double billed for premium membership. I was charged on March 2 and again on March 3. My subscription now goes to 2019. I want to support the site, but I've been charged more than a life members so far. I can't find the link to stop the auto renewal and I'd like some money back. Please advise. Thanks John Bell (jbell1033)
    slo pok ·
    I do not have equipment to post pictures of my bike unsubscribe me please slo pok
    slo pok ·
    would like to terminate subscription to register from forum
    gary333 ·
    I posted my bike in shadow of the month and then realized I needed 3 pictures of it.I only have 1 at the present time. Can you delete this post for me, I can't figure out how. Gary333. thanks
    two guns ·
    I joined this fourm. I'm not able to "post". Are "Free Members" not allowed to post?
    Tried everything I know. Please respond.

    7xclm ·
    Did have my sig the way I wanted. Current pic and name of my bike. Some one changed it. So I deleted my sig. No need to have one.
    newtman ·
    Hello! I joined the site a few days ago. Other than info about myself, I'm not able to "post". Are "Free Members" not allowed to post? Just wondering. I can learn a lot by just reading other people's posts, but it would be fun to join in a conversation or ask a question from time to time.

    Crazy Tiger ·
    hello administrator. please forgive my ignorance but i do not understand the private message regarding posting 3 thread not just a post. i would like to experience the site and if i like it i will likely upgrade. thanks. Crazy Tiger
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