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  • not2sure ·
    Hello. I saw you may be interested in cutting your windshield down. I don't have time right now as I am headed out the door, but I can up load a vid I made when I cut my shield down. It was very easy. I show how I made a pattern before cutting. When I was done. You could not tell it had been done. I will post a link to your post this afternoon. It should make it easier to decide.
    pastordave1 ·
    Thanks, it took me reading a thread on friend requests before I got it then started doing it and getting some also. Kind of neat to see who all accepts or asks, quite a range of people! Thanks for accepting!
    Bethany1972 ·
    Wow! I had a feeling it had to do with the cost of shipping and I was going to offer to pay any extra shipping charges, but $81 is just ridiculous! Well, sorry it didn't work out and hopefully you can sell them on Craig's list or something.
    Fang ·
    Hi Bethany I went in to ship the crash bars today and because of the odd size they are going to charge me $81 to ship them
    I am out of work right now because of a recent motorcycle accident (why im selling all my old parts) and am unable to pay that much to ship them
    I have refunded your money on paypal
    Again I am very sorry about the delay and issues with shipping, I had no idea it would cost so much
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