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  • old fl rider ·

    Good to be back. We never left and still live in Winter Haven. Went over to scooter (Honda helix) for a year and didn't have much to say on Shadow forum, but am now back (VT750C Shadow)

    I always enjoy your comments and good advice. Thanks man

    bumpaw ·
    Hey Captain D, gnarly let me know that the windshield came in .... Thanks a million..don't know how to ever repay you
    1982shadow ·
    did you ever notice when someone quotes sepration of church and state that they dont realize what is actually in the constitution is ---- congress shall pass no law establishing a religion (and the part they always forget) nor prohibiting the free exercise there of just a thought be well :grin:
    "Captain D" ·
    Hey Brian, Rusty is a 66...
    I`m 5.0EFI-AOD too, from a 90 Lincoln...
    Finishing is all I gotta do on this project...
    Plumb the radiator, install exhaust and I think I got it?
    But you know how that is... ;)
    We also have a 71, up in TN, my Hillbilly friend is doing up RIGHT!...
    Got a 72 sitting there too, but ain`t decided what to do with it yet?
    Check us out on
    As Is 66 is my handle there...
    not2sure ·
    Hey chief. I just notice you mentioned you had a Ranchero on you list of to do's. What year is yours? I have a little 65 that is my daily driver.
    I put a 86 5.0 with AOD in it after I got it. I kept a carb on it to keep it simple and more old school. Gas mileage is as good as my toyota truck was on the freeways. I have owned a few others in the past. A 63, 71 & A 72. I specifically went looking for the 64-65 body style. It took a few months to find one reasonably priced that all ready had a 289 in it. Seems most for sale are six cylinders.. Any ways. I thought I would say hello.
    yellowcab643 ·
    Do you know what would cause my headlight, on low beam, to stop working? Everything looks fine and I greased the terminals and it still won't turn on. Filament doesn't look burnt either.
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