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  1. hello friends, a few possible simple questions for you

    Technical Discussion
    i have a 86 vt 700 love it, just having a few issues, they might be very basic but im drawing a blank. 1) i want to lower my back end, my fender looks rediculous as it is and i dont want to get rid of it completely, but its way to high, i dont think i can get much bigger or knobbier tires due...
  2. Have a few questions on new tires

    General Bike Discussion
    Im looking for some fat awesome tires for my bike. I have an 86 honda shadow vt700. Im in a bind between something like firestone ans. or dunlop k70s. Will these work for my bike? Also id like new wheels as well, but ny bikes shaft driven, and everythings ugly :( Any advice? Anyone have...
  3. They see me rollin', they hatin'

    General Bike Discussion
    Broke back robocop
  4. Where do you guys go to get parts for these old Hondas?

    Technical Discussion
    Weird those dot work for ya, ive got an 86 and i can find everything still for it. And within 20 miles
  5. New job

    General Bike Discussion
    Its boeing so yeah
  6. New job

    General Bike Discussion
    Just started my new job on monday. Beside the millions of benefits, i just found out they have designated motorcycle parking, and they will pay for the motorcycle safety class!!!! So pumped
  7. Pics of your solo seat rides!

    General Bike Discussion
    Heres another
  8. Map for the Man Cave..........

    General Bike Discussion
    Hit up seattle soon. Best roads to ride
  9. Boot Melting On Hot Exhaust

    Member Introductions
    Lol thats pipe wrap
  10. 2006 Shadow vlx600==> bobber style

    General Bike Discussion
    Ditch the turn signals. And thank god no bcb kit. Seems like everyones buying one.... Yuck
  11. Boot Melting On Hot Exhaust

    Member Introductions
    I have alittle foot stopper left of my brake so i dont get a windering toe lol. Also you can purchase some pipewrap
  12. 86 vt700 tech problems

    Technical Discussion
    Ive got 2 issues on my bike at the momment. 1. Front forks Are leaking oil. And 2 thermostats bad. Anyone have a rough estimate on how much of a pain replacing the thermostat, and sealin the forks and replacing the oil?
  13. I feel like a trader! (Part 2)

    General Bike Discussion
    Shoulda got the fat boy lo 2012.
  14. Any bobber riders in north west washington?

    Pacific Northwest Riders
    We are a bit ways my friend lol. I got a 86 vt700 i fabd up my first proj. And first bike, still not done its a workin progress shes ridin now, but over the winter im gonna finish the mods (hardtail,wheels,tires,air filter, tank detail, possibly black out more on the bike. I have a thread on its...
  15. Sons of Anarchy

    General Bike Discussion