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  • bodasefus ·
    Just got mine a couple of months ago after a lady pulled out in front of me,,, then stopped as she had forgotten to fasten in her kid... I lost a 91 Yamaha Venture Royale but enjoying the Shadow... where are you located?? i am in the Ft myers arfz...
    Fonz89 ·
    hey, how are you? Sorry didn't mean to leave you hanging, I usually only use the mobile app so I don't seem to get the normal notifications on there. I live in essex county but have been taking occasional rides up to vernon.
    VFR Rider ·
    thanks for the reply- yeah so far loving my shadow! The questions seems to keep coming up though- if it's a 1996 it seems it can't be a Spirit (someone told me it is). And I'm concerned because I just bought cobra pipes from a guy that came off an "07 VT1100 and mine's a 96... cobra website breaks them down like this:
    VT1100 Aero (98-02)
    VT1100 Sabre (00-07)
    VT1100 Shadow (87-96)
    VT1100 Spirit (97-07)
    sta18ff ·
    Ha, sorry, just noticed the messages, and can't even remember what the original post was about, lol!
    EASYR1 ·
    Hay dieseljuice,
    I really have to apologize. I just found your message. I live in Wantage near the high School and also go to the Chatterbox as often as possibe. When they start that up again in May, we will have to meet up. Again sorry I missed your message.
    4sabre ·
    Been thinking about changing colors. Really like the chrome yellow on yours. Last couple of years I have been riding in hi viz yellow a lot. Almost convinced to shoot tins in this color.
    4sabre ·
    I saw where your bike is HD Chrome Yellow. Is this the HD yellow that kind of glows in less than full sunlight? I have seen a sportster around here and the color reminds me of Day Glo Yellow.
    Preach1951 ·
    Hi, I like mine, owned it for 8-9yrs now. Being rebuilt but need a new tank, stuffed my old one. Hard to find though. Hope you enjoy your bike when you get it. Ride safe, Preach
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