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  • Gnarly ·
    gOT this, WHEN i TRIED TO SEND A new pm TO dENNIS:

    "The following errors occurred with your submission:
    captain_D has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    "Captain D" ·
    Spiritman, I see three messages from you as Gnarly, SO I see you can send Private and visitor messages through his account...2 PM 1 VM = 3 messages
    Hopefully Gnarly can do it when you return procession to him??

    My thanks to you for your dedication here and your persistence on Gnarlys` issue with PMs to me...

    Hope you "fixed" it...

    "Captain D" ·
    Good morning David,
    Nice weather here today, the sun was shining through the clouds :)
    I have the LED brakelight actuator in my pocket...
    There are 5 wires, I tried contacting/calling Chris with
    with no luck...
    NOW I`m hoping you have a wiring schematic for this...

    IF not, I`ll get it figured out by my means of testing... :D
    Gnarly ·
    Only bike mechanic I TRUST is Kenny @ Steve's American Cycles, over in Rockport,IN.
    He has every Metric bike mechanic's certification one can get, I believe, and quite a lot of experience.
    He re-did the jetting & tuneup on my 1100 ACE a couple months back.
    I thought I had it running good; Kenny made it scream.

    And his boss: Steve, the owner, was our Harley mechanic, before one was stolen & one sold.
    Good folks.
    Tell them you got their number from David & Bill King.

    Steve's American Cycle
    934 W.Sycamore St.

    Steve lives close to the shop, and has met us there after-hours.

    Have you got a way to get it there, if you decide to?
    Got a decent 2-wheel tiltbed trailer with a 4' drop tailgate + straps, if you need a way to get it there.
    Trailer takes a 2" ball hitch.

    We're about 10 miles south of O'boro, off 231.

    Just let me know if I can help.

    David King,MSR,RN
    270-231-6378 cell #
    [email protected]
    Gnarly ·
    Between Owensboro & Bowling Green.

    Sorry it took so long to reply; been doing 80 hr weeks since the day I retired!
    Haven't had much Forum time....or handlebar time!
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