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  1. New Rider from NJ

    Member Introductions
    You beat me, my first bike was bought at 49yr old.
  2. Amsoil

    Technical Discussion
    20W-XX means when cold it acts like cold 20 weight oil, which will be a bit more sluggish than 10W in getting that initial circulation through the engine at the first start. Not a problem if you live in southern texas or florida during the summer, but might allow for a tad of additional wear...
  3. Help needed - 2017 Shadow Phantom LED?

    Technical Discussion
    I really liked this as an H4 bulb replacement, a bit brighter and whiter but no complaints from other riders about it being too much.
  4. VT1100c Poor Rear Tire Life - Recommendations?

    General Bike Discussion
    double check your references on what the "proper" psi should be, overinflated tires have a reduced footprint contact with the road, narrower that it should be and wears the center faster...
  5. It's Monday!!! Why are YOU happy?

    Off Topic Discussion
    I'm happy I have a great job that pays my bills. amazing how much simple things mean, lol
  6. Mpg

    General Bike Discussion
    The faster you go the more wind resistance the engine has to overcome. the more time you spend not in top gear the more you are squandering fuel in an inefficient gear ratio. Best MPG comes in just above the lowest speed your top gear can handle, about the point where the rpms are a gentle purr.
  7. Curiosity: running on reserve.

    Technical Discussion
    The 10% ethanol gas does a great job gettin/keeping the water out of your tank if you are burning more than a tank a month. It becomes a problem if it sits around a lot, the when it reaches a saturation point of absorbed moisture from the air. the draw tubes for the 'on' and 'reserve' have a...
  8. Front brakes don't feel right after rebuild

    Technical Discussion
    Even during the initial wear in of new pads on old rotors, you should be able to lock up the front wheel from 5-10 mph. 1-reblead the caliper with the assistance of a friend, make sure your don't let any air bubbles back in the bleeder valve. 2- do it with the cover off the resivoir, see if...
  9. Older shadows make more power?

    General Bike Discussion
    And more focus was put on accelerating from a stop to cruising speed that how much of a wreckless speeding ticket you could earn...šŸ˜
  10. Military veterans

    General Bike Discussion
    US Army, Desert Storm Veteran, and currently a member of the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association.
  11. favorite seat

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    I upgraded to a Mustang Seat, and Like it a lot
  12. Has anyone here installed an 'impulse' (induction) tach , tachometer?

    Technical Discussion
    Yes they work great. I bought one to dial in the carb idle mix and idle stop on my rebel 250, then used it on a GY6 buggy (125cc). I use a bit of painter's tape to hold the 3-5 wraps of the antenna wire on the spark plug wire and it stays put for the 5-10 min of tuning work needed. they...
  13. Saddlebag help

    General Bike Discussion
    1. Open up that velcro'd panel on the inboard side of the bags and make sure there aren't straps or a yoke half tucked in there. 2. cargo straps from the camping section could be run from the top D-rings under the seat to the other side...
  14. Engine vibration bad at 50mph and up.

    Member Introductions
    Is it shaft driven? I ask because that is how my 77 chevy van acted right as the drive shaft's rear U-joint started twisting apart, heavy vibration under acceleration at highway speed, smooth as butter coasting at highway speeds when the load was off. 6 miles to a place I could be safe pulling...
  15. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    I'd like to suggest a reduction in redundancy. the 'zigzag' arrow button opens a menu for "recent, popular, etc" options, but the page it takes you to has those same options as tabs across the top of the list. How about getting rid of the pop-up menu behind that button and have it just take...