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  • jeffrey d ·
    Sir, I did not join the army until 1989. I actually went to Jump master school at Camp Mackall with JFKSWCS and not at Ft. Benning. I spent 2004-2005 in Afghanistan with 3rd and 7th SFG. I can say though without any doubt, the army made me a better person. It was in no way sunshine and lollipops, and a lot of very hard times, but as I said in my post, I would not trade the life lessons for anything. I'm thankful to have done it and I still live my life and conduct myself as an NCO. Hell, I still fold my socks. My nieces and nephews think I'm crazy.
    NJAuditor ·
    Hi Jeffrey,
    Nice to see a fellow Rigger on the site as well. I was on AD as a Parachute Rigger from 1979 to 1983, so I am not sure we crossed paths (heck you might not have been born then!). Graduated from Fort Lee as a Parachute Rigger in 1979, then started as company executive officer for E Company, 407th Supply and Service Battalion, 82d Airborne Division (at the time the Parachute Rigger Company). Then moved to become the Aerial Delivery platoon leader and ran the Heavy Drop Rigging Site for the 82d. Finished my tour in the 82d as the Assistant Division Parachute Officer.
    Thanks for your service! We always took our responsibilities as Riggers very seriously and it is nice to see you upheld the tradition! "I Will Be Sure - Always".

    LTC James M. Corcoran (USAR RET)

    (P.S. Sorry it took so long to answer - you can probably guess by my age message boards are still a bit of a challenge for me:)
    jeffrey d ·
    Hello Sir,

    I was reading your post that you were a Parachute Rigger.

    I went into the Army Reserves in Mar 89 as a Rigger, (861ST QM Nashville, TN). We deployed to the first Gulf War and was at KKMC. From there, my PLT went to Incirlik, Turkey for Operation Provide Comfort rigging A22s' to drop in North Iraq to the Kurds.

    Got back state side and went active duty and ended up at the Airborne School at Ft. Benning. Spent a year there and PCS'd to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. Supporting 24th ID and 1st Ranger BAT.

    Left active duty in 95 and went straight back to the Reserves where I finished my 20 years and retired. Volunteered in 2004 for Afghanistan and ended up with 3rd SFG. I stayed on with 7th SFG when they came and took over for 3rd SFG.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but it is quite possible we have crossed paths somewhere along the way and it is good to see a fellow Rigger on here. "I'll Be Sure Always".

    SSG Jeffrey D. Klossner (USAR RET)
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