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  • NM Shadowman ·
    I don't mess with valve adjustments and not sure if you need t or not. You might post your question in the technical section and someone with more knowledge will answer. Also look at the sticky note section for manual of your model.

    Sorry I can't help
    rogjack6112 ·
    Shadowman-Hi I have a just purchased 2003 Shadow 750 DCB -red flames. It has 19k miles and vibrates with engine at 60 mph but not free wheeling. I am in middle of valve adjustment and saw some models had self adjusting valves?
    Do you manually adjust yours? Thanks Roger /Nashville [email protected]
    rjtmac ·
    Hello - just thought I would take a flyer here.

    I have organized a Meet and Greet on June 9th. Some guys and gals are coming in on the 8th and leaving out 10th or the morning of the 11th.

    It is in Canyon Texas and Palo Duro Canyon.


    There is a couple coming up from Deming ( two bikes ). Noticed they would be coming through your neck of the woods.

    Will be riders from 5 forums covering Shadows - VTX - and Rebels. Also some independents with some of those off brand bikes.

    Sure would like to have you come up.

    NM Shadowman ·
    originally Georgia, but I've moved around a lot in my 62 years. I currently live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and plan to for the rest of my days. The weather here is perfect for year round MC riding. I went to my first KC game, a preseason game, in 2002. Last year, we went to KC for the Chargers game. a lost. This year we are going for the Denver game. I'm hoping we can go to one a year from now on. We have been to KC-Charger games in San Diego 3 times. My best friend is a Chargers season ticket holder.
    mudtones ·
    I'm glad to meet other KC Chiefs fans. I'm young, so most of the time I have been following them, they've been a losing team. I watched a video of the Chiefs superbowl win from 1970 against the Vikings. I would love to go to a Chiefs game this year and it would be even better to go to a playoff game. Where are you from?
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