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  • shado#9 ·
    painter ...I no longer have access to my riding buds (divorce stuff)
    looking for some riding partners ...I might suggest a quick run for fun ...
    PM me if you are riding sometime ? me vt1100c many years mpls area
    thanks... would be much appreciated...
    gypsy ·
    I think you are on cruiser customizing under the same handle. If so it says you purchased highway bars for your 96 vt1100c. Is this correct? I ask because I know there is a slight difference on the gearshift step between the early 87-96 models and the 97 and up. Cc states that the highway bars are for fit men on 97 and newer 1100's. however years Angola I had, I think, the same bars on my 96 with no problems mounting them. Your input will be greatly appreciated.
    Dcocch · I just looked at your profile and realized you're shipping that amp from Central MN. I grew up in Woodbury, MN just east of St. Paul. I miss the MN summers...but the Army keeps sending me south. I'm sure I'm going to like the Georgia winters more than those MN winters!
    gunny ·
    Not sure about this spring but yes, a possibility. I will be heading for Sleeping Giant this summer via Ely & Grand Marais. Where is central mn?
    mcpenner ·
    Thanks for your reply to me pre trip thread. I was just wondering what fairing that is on your bike? I was looking at getting a Memphis shades bat-wing but the local parts guy doesn't think it will fit.
    ohiospirit1100 ·
    Hey Painter do do you have a wire diagram for your year vt1100 , Ineed to replace the cdi on my 87 and they nolonger make it . so i am going to use the one for 89 to 96 vt1100c but want to be sure it will work before i drop 300 bucks on a new one. thanks for you reply!
    jpres3 ·
    You seem to be pretty knowledgable about the audio systems. I currently have a Shark 100W and am pleased with the volume it produces. However, I would like to have some bass because some of the sound comes out tinny. I went to ebay and found a motorcycle amp that does have a bass feature but the speaker connections are bare wire and my speaks have RCA jacks. Can they be modified?
    Thanks for any input.
    zappa ·
    Hey Painter..So what all have you done to your Ride.? I just got my 96 1100 and want to do a few things to it. Like relocate the frt turn signals, add pullback drags, drill out the baffles. Do you know if the stock risers are high enough for the clearance of the tank or will I need to get higher risers? And they sell the turn signal mounts for like $60 but I saw Harley ones for like $25. Do you know if those are the same?
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