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  • bumpaw ·
    pastordave1, bumpaw here...I have 2 rear lights that fit a 04 Shadow Areo, extra parts sent to me by members to fix my bike. If anyone needs them please let me know...
    puk ·
    Hi dave,
    what sort of Pastor are you (denomination-wise I mean).
    I am a Pastor of the Lutheran church of Australia, son of a Pastor, and Grandson of a missionary Pastor (My mum's dad) from Ohio who went to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in 1948.

    God bless you in your work.
    Pastor Joel Pukallus
    Mwhull87 ·
    HA! I never use the computer to check this forum, usually just use my tapatalk app on my phone. So when i logged in today and saw i had a friend request pending I was like OI! how long has that been there? So, sorry if you felt like i was snubbing you lol
    Bethany1972 ·
    Sorry it took so long to accept your friend request. I couldn't figure out how to make it accept on my phone, but now I've got it figured out. :)
    RaiderBill ·
    I can't remember now but I ordered it to fit my bike with the stock handle bars and it did, hold on I will measure right now.Yes the hardware did fit my 1 " handlebars. I bought the fairing off Amazon but not from National Cycle, I bought it from some place else that was cheaper, can't remember who it was but if you search the National Cycle 3 fairing there it will come up with all the distributors and their prices. It was an easy bolt on installation.
    gypsy ·
    hi dave,
    just got back from a weekend obligation. i accepted your friend, of course. please make sure it has gone through on your end. cheers buddy
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