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  • That1Dude ·
    Hi there! I saw your post about using a 6-contact, on-on-on toggle switch as a turn signal switch for a Honda VLX, and I just wanted to thank you. I've been scouring the internet looking for exactly that info.

    -jimmy (aka, That1Dude)
    ronscycle1 ·
    hi im still trying to install seals in front forks 2000 vt 600 c . I took the forks off tried to loosen bottom drain bolt but the inner part is turning too. is there a tool I can make to fit the inner put from turning ?
    damian.garcia83 ·
    Thanks for the message and that was exactly what I did to cure the problem. There was a good build up of crud in there between the contacts and now its good to go. Same thing happened to the headlight/starter switch and I had to give it a good cleaning and now its good to go!

    Thanks though.

    Iamjustifyd ·
    I got my lights on!! And I've got some LED license plate bolts that come on with the brakes! Thanks so much for all the help!!
    kacealraid ·
    I will keep this in mind. Perhaps my pressure wasn't correct on my tire and it was wearing far too much. I've heard the Metzeler's are really good from several people here in town AND on the forum here, but I may give the Dunlop's a second shot for simplicity and money's sake, as I found a set of 404's online for 103.99 and free shipping.
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