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  • 7xclm ·
    For some reason I am not able to see my post to a thread. I've tried to refresh the page, even logged out then back in and still can not see my post.
    Presley ·
    Hey Spiritman,
    I wanted to know if you could activate my account, I have some questions about my bike that I would like to ask. I've been reading through the forums but i just can't quite find what i'm looking for.

    Thanks- Presley
    rkebr001 ·
    Greetings Spiritman, and thank you in advance for approving my access...I can really use some help with my speedometer...
    triplblk91conv ·
    Thanks, I have another question. How long do you have after a post to edit it? Why the time limit? Lets say I have a part up for sale, and after a week, it doesn't sell, why cant I edit it to drop the price? I can't delete it and put up a new ad, do we always have to go thru a moderater for these moves? I don't want multiple ads up for the same thing. My other forums let you edit all you want.
    87ShadowRide ·
    Hi Spiritman,

    I received a message that my box was full and to delete the messages and someone was trying to send me a message, I assume you was trying to send me a message? I find it hard to figure out how to use this site and I may have deleted your message, if you still have it could you send it again?
    95ACEGuy ·
    Hello Sir,

    I have a thread named "My 2nd post" where I responded to a question that was asked and it posted 3 times. How can I delete 2 of those post from that thread? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    Ride Safe!
    Nobiggie ·
    Trying to post my first three to have full access. It would appear my posts are not appearing. You seem to be the man in charge.
    tbfoto ·
    No, I was referring to my posting here on the forum that disappeared. Oh well not a real issue with me. I just wanted to be sure I hadn't offended anyone.

    tbfoto ·
    What happened to my post? Earlier today I wrote a post about an item I saw on e-bay that I thought other members might be interested in because I thought it was a rare item. I have no relationship to the seller. However soon after I see that posting has been deleted. Did I violate forum rules by posting a link to an e-bay item? I also see that that item has sold soon after I posted about it. My hope is that someone here saw it and bought it. If I violated forum policy I want to be aware of that too so I don't do it again. I enjoy the forum very much.

    h13man ·
    This happens when I close the the "new message" box if that will help any. Don't know otherwise because I been communicating thru PM since this change started. George
    h13man ·
    My forum pages look great until they fully load then "blink" into a very generic "rough draft" look. George
    Spiritman ·
    This is why a private message is sent out to all new members when they first log on explaining the process and the reason behind the three thread rule. We have tried other things which have stopped spambots but the live spammers have always circumvented every process we have tried except this one. As I have said this makes it more enjoyable for all members in the long run not to have to view posts or threads containing spam or phishing scams etc.
    Holland Shoaf ·
    sounds like I peed u off about posting 3 posts here in the new forum. sorry. I dont understand how this site works. Just came here for technical support and looks like I have to post 3 non subject posts just to do so. O well I will do what I have to do.
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