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  • Kennarthsydney ·
    Hey SuperboyX,

    I enquire about the blue colour ...
    is that an original Honda colour?
    Could you please give me the name and paint code.
    it looks similar to my new replacement tank
    a 2001 Sabre, two tone blue
    I want to paint my bike (red) the colour of my new tank.
    thanks for the welcome
    regards Kennarthsydney.
    Lobo_Solitario ·
    You´ve got a nice ride in your garage. And completely agree with your intention to keep it until it becomes a vintage bike!.I´ll do same with mine. I´m a sentimental kind of a man :)
    pottersoon ·
    David, just wanted to let you know I received my patches today. They are great looking, thank you for your efforts. Now, where to put them?
    Thanks again, Linda
    bd* ·
    Hi Dave , I have not recived my Patches as yet did you get the rest of my address?
    Bob Dalton 32 Rutland st Lowell, MA USA 01851 ? I sent my $ Via Paypal on the 21st.
    imscubaman ·
    Hmmmm....I only had one message in there and I just deleted that.
    If you still can't send it, I did add my email to the message I had originally sent you, go ahead and send it to that. thanks again!
    Draeko ·
    Hey SuperboyX, thanks for the welcome. You have one fantastic looking bike. The blue and generous chrome looks like a million bucks.
    Canadian Vic ·
    Hey Dave.

    I remember you saying that you wanted to sell the saddle bags that you have in your garage. I was debating going to the hard bags now, but I have decided to hold off on that. Do you still have those saddle bags and how much do you want for them?
    Canadian Vic ·
    Hey. I wouldn't mind checking out you're fairing and hard bag setup. I'm in Kitchener quite often. Let me know what would work for you.
    Canadian Vic ·
    Beautiful pictures. Looks like a great ride. You have a nice looking bike. I like the bagger style. I didn't think I could do that to my bike without it looking tacky, but after seeing your bike, I think I'm going to try and find the hard bags and batwing fairing to fit my bike. Good luck with all your mods.
    Canadian Vic ·
    That sounds awesome. I hope to do that within the next few years. Are the Skyline and Blue Ridge Parkway busy highways with a lot of truck traffic? Or are they nice cruising roads? I usually avoid the bigger highways around here when I can. I enjoy the back roads more. I appreciate all the info you can offer.

    Maybe we can hook up for a ride when the weather turns. I don't know if you ride all year, but I have my bike stored for the winter. I have some of it taken apart right now.
    Canadian Vic ·
    I was looking at old Canadian posts and I saw yours about the Tail of the Dragon trip. How was that? Was it grueling getting there or was that part of the fun? That is something I hope to do someday but I was thinking about having the bike on a trailer to get there.
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