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  • CSRoad ·
    "Another engine would be the best solution, sad as it seems."

    Thanks Swifty, I've been trying to get that across to him as a serious possibility since day 1.
    He won't listen to me maybe he will listen to you.

    I think he is at this point well beyond his comfort/competence zone with his engine pulled apart and it doesn't bode well for the reassembly, but if that's the way it keeps going, I guess that's why there is the Tech Forum. I have the same bike ('99 VT750CD3) and kind of feel compelled to give advice and RTFM for him, but it is rather frustrating.
    feelin the breeze ·
    hi. I am having a problem again with starting in gear again. I checked everything with multimeter. everything checks out gd. BUT, one thing that I found strange is that if I take clutch lever out of the bracket it will start in gear with kickstand up. But as soon as I put the lever back in bracket with kickstand up. it won't start. I repeated this process 3x's. I don't get it.

    I did forget to mention this in that thread (see below for link). Last October(?) my cable broke. I had to power shift(with my foot). Would this cause a problem? It shifts runs fine. I went outside yesterday about 100+miles. ran awesome.
    Derek86VT700C ·

    I've been chipping away at this and was wondering if it would be possible to email you a few questions, with pics? I am chasing ghosts...

    My email is [email protected] and my cell is 339-222-6306. Name is Derek

    Apologies in advance if I am asking too much. I just struggle to deal with the messages/posts given the specifics of my questions...

    twellens ·
    Pop on decel CAN be from too lean condition. More capable others can weigh in, but I'm suspicious with aftermarket pipes, that you need to get your jet sizes right. There's lots online about doing that, but depends on how much you want to do yourself. The later model Honda bikes do have the valves (air cut-off, I think) that essentially stops deceleration popping sound, so not sure about your model year. Too lean can do damage so it's probably worth checking it out.

    From the pics, that's a very clean looking '83. Congrats, looks like fun.
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