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Shadow 600
Gold Vein, gold, black
Completely rebuilt from the ground up
Bought it super cheap and not running, chopped it and spend countless hours making a beautiful bike

This is a completely rebuilt custom Honda Shadow Hardtail Bobber. It’s a 93 VT600 with duel carbs and 16,500 miles. It has been torn down, powder coated and rebuilt. Almost every part on this bike is powder coated!! All fluids are fresh as with the gaskets/seals. No leaks anywhere. I know I’m missing things, but here are some of the MANY mods/parts:
  • Air cleaner pods
  • Carbs rebuild and bigger jets installed
  • New headlight with LED bulb
  • Rear turn signals
  • License plate relocation with LED brake light
  • “Start” button relocated to upper triple tree
  • New tires, pads, chain, plugs, oil filter
  • 40 tooth rear sprocket
  • Performance clutch springs
  • Loud exhaust
  • Clip on handlebars with single cable throttle housing and new grips
  • New digital Speedo relocated
  • New Coolant reservoir
  • New wheel and steering bearings
  • Lowered 3” in the back and 2” in the front
  • Large aftermarket foot pegs
  • New clutch/brake controls
  • New Battery
  • Custom e-tank under the seat.
  • Peanut gas tank with new petcock and inline filter
The carbs have been synced, and it runs great! The new sprocket gives you more on the top end without sacrificing anything on the low end. The frame is “Gold Vein” and the wheels are “Sun Gold” with a “Sparkle Clear” finish. Engine covers, tank, and fender are “Gloss Black”. The engine(minus the covers) is painted with a 2k high temp ceramic paint made specifically for engines. Pictures don’t come close to how great it looks in the sun! This is a beautiful bike and will definitely turn heads!


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Nice work! That's a beautiful bike. I have a 91 600 I'm doing a build on just getting underway. It was a $50 purchase and I can't wait to get it done I hope it turns out half as nice as yours and I'd be thrilled! Thanks for sharing the pics it's very inspiring.