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Shadow A.C.E.
Midnight Black & Cobalt Blue
Ace has had both a hard life and a loved life. I am the Second owner, bought it back in 2007 with 18,000 miles on it. It is actually on it's third exhaust system as when I bought it the previous owner had installed a set of Cobra Drag pipes. The pipes were turning blue and so loud that I couldn't stand them. I sold the Cobra pipes to a coworker and bought a used factory exhaust off eBay. Unfortunately the OEM pipe was SO quite that I couldn't stand it either. After drilling out the baffle caps the pipe was the perfect balance of volume and pitch. Ace has survived multiple theft attempts that resulted in vandalism. It even had the original paint beaten off of it when I was caught in a hail storm. Ace then spent 6 years in flat black paint until late 2017 when I began restoring it in Midnight Black & Cobalt Blue.
2000 Honda Shadow A.C.E. (Midnight Black & Cobalt Blue)


Drilled/Punched factory baffle caps; De-snorkeled intake; Re-jetted carb; 39-tooth rear sprocket;
Repainted from factory Red/Black to Midnight Metallic Black & Metallic Cobalt Blue with silver pinstripe;
Font fork 2" spring ring;
Riverroad Extra large hard mounted leather Saddlebags (Removed), Mutazu LW Hardbags in Cobalt Blue; Harley D Flame grips (Removed), Kuryakyn style chrome flame grips w/ throttle boss; ScootMods 7-inch Forward Controls (in Chrome); Saddleman Explorer Seat;
Wheel and Tire
Run-Brake-Turn rear light conversion; Kuryakyn chrome turnsignal lenses (rear); Taillight LED assembly; LED Headlight Bulb; Red LED rear turn bulbs; LED switchback turn bulbs (front); Cobra Passing Lights Lightbar w/ smoked lenses; Daymaker style passing lights; Blue LED engine lighting;



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