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Shadow ACE 750
Burple Candy
I purchased the bike used in 2008 with aprox 28k miles on it. It was completely stock except for the sprocket mod. I quickly changed the beach bars for some drag bars. I rode it that way for about a year then added V&H exhaust and forward extensions. After my wife took the MSC , she took my bike to the store and someone decided to rearrange the rear fender and lights while it sat in the parking lot. Luckily there were witnesses and they kept the lady there until my wife came out. An insurance claim and lots of "ideas" later, I finally got it back together and it’s never looked better.
1999 Honda Shadow ACE 750 (Burple Candy)


Factory spokes
The engine is stock with a Barnett clutch and springs with Vance & Hines cruiser exhaust with baffles. The sprocket was replaced with a 38 tooth one.
The rear fender brake light was removed and the fender shaved with a flushed in brake light lens and LED running and brake lights mounted under the fender. Rear turn signals were relocated to just below the grab bar. The bikes basecoat was painted with a jet black with a lot of purple pearl. The airbrush is burple candy with more pearl. All the aluminum was sanded and polished to a high luster. I installed a side mount license plate holder with LED light.
All suspension and frame is stock. All cables are braided stainless steel from Barnett.
Seat has been modified to be more comfy and added forward extensions, ISO grips with palm rest. Also added Rivco mirrors with turn signals on the front and the mirror side.
Wheel and Tire
Added air horns and 12v power point.



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