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Milano Red
GS-R to Type R Conversion
Started life as a clean title USDM DC2 GS-R with a rod knock on cyl 2 and a clean body/paint that I purchased for $1200. I then spent the next 9 years converting her into what she is today- a mean daily driven time attack/road course animal. JDM B18C shortblock, self ported P72 head, Skunk2 Pro1 cams, Supertech valvesprings/retainers, Skunk2 Intake manifold-port matched, Maxbore Type R TB, Golden Eagle full thermal gasket set and intake coolant block, Comptech 3" intake, RC 310cc injectors, Denso 190 pump, RMF header/2.5" exhaust to modified DC2 Type R axle back, S80 HLSD tranny with 4.4 Final, Comp Stage 2 and DC2 Type R OEM Flywheel/axles. Engine has OEM Honda bearings and gaskets throughout except for ARP head studs and extended intake manifold studs. Tuned on Hondata S300 with 93 pump gas it made 209 HPand 138 TQ at the wheels. Even better is that peak power came at only 8100 RPM, whereas similar setups don't make their peak until 8500-9000 RPM.
(1797cc NA 4cyl with stock Pistons/rods)
After the drivetrain was sorted I went to work on the chassis, stripping it down to a meager 2484lbs while keeping a full leather interior, audio system, HVAC, passenger airbag and power windows/locks. I even kept power steering. Suspension is Ground Control coil overs with Koni Race shocks, GC extended top hats, ASR subframe brace and sway bars, Function7 billet control arms, Hard Race roll center adjusters, PassJDM 3 point front and 2 point rear tie bars, 2001 USDM Integra Type R 5 lug 36mm axle/brake swap front & rear, full 98 JDM Type R HID front end conversion with front lip and side skirts, wingless Integra LS hatch lid, 98+ USDM GS-R rear bumper. Currently riding on JDM Performance White Type R wheels with Potenza RE-11 rubber. The car handles like a kart racer and brakes like a slot car, it's an insane setup that has posted up some of the best FF naturally aspirated platform lap times ever seen at Road Atlanta and Eglishtowns road courses. I've shown many new Camaro SS, Mustang GT, Vette, BMW, Audi, etc owners my tail lights on the road course and hurt many feelings over the years.
1995 Honda Integra (Milano Red)



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