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Shadow VT700c
Artic Snow White with Disney Purple Old School Fla
She originally cost me $600 off of craigslist. She was spray rattle can red upon the tank. Everything else was all Original when I picked her up. She didn't start, she didn't run, and was rigged to hell. We spent a good week or so cleaning carbs, fixing rigged wiring, and all sorts of little odds and ends to get her running. Then she leaked oil from everywhere. We found a donner parts bike and were able to get a few things back in order. From there we decided to pull the engine and give her a makeover. The frame was painted, accent silver paint placed in a few spots, and the engine was resealed everywhere and painted as well. We're now working on the tins.
1984 Honda Shadow VT700c (Artic Snow White with Disney Purple Old School Fla)


I even scored some purple stem caps for the tires.
She's water radiator cooled, with a set drive train (no chain or belt to clean and replace). I think this was a great choice on my part with being a new rider. I think she's a great first project bike.
The tank was beat to hell and back. There were a good 14 spots to be filled and fixed. I also picked up another front fender, to be rid of the chrome. She's gone through stage 1 primer, stage 2 base white and clear, and we were in stage 3 of adding the flames. After they were painted, when we pulled off the tape the guys that cut it out had razor blade cut up my base coat. They apparently weren't to steady and soft when they cut the design out. Now we're back to fixing the base coat, and redoing the flame licks. I made stencils by tracing his design onto translucent stencil paper that we'll use by taping on the next round.
**Update, I've changed the paint theme. I definately didn't want the hastle, and same ole same ole flame licks you see everywhere. This time around we put a 1 and 1/4 stripe down her with a 1/2 inch smaller accent stripe on each side. I also changed the side covers to solid purple! She's looking good!
We have the new fork seals and springs to replace, we're just waiting on new clip rings to hold the new seals in place. She's so very close!

Next month I'll be picking up a Mac staggered 2 into 2 exhaust to give her a better sound and more of a cruiser style look.
One of my Christmas presents this year was a pair of saddle bags, which have also been added on to her!



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