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Shadow Spirit 750
So i bought this bike on 4/9/17, my first bike. I ride it home, following my dad all the way around Tallahassee on those back highways, I got my first real experience of being on a Cruiser and the Shadow became my baby. That same day we bought it I had work but by the time I was going to leave it was going to be dark so my dad didn't want me riding, I wanted to really bad, but I didn't want to start anything so I listened. Couldn't sleep all night when I got back from work... I just wanted to ride so badly that it was frustrating :( But when the morn came as soon as you could see I hopped on that sucker and made my way to the Canopy Roads of Monticello had THE best time of my life seeing the sun rise through the trees and green starting to show. At the same time as watching the sun rise and the wildlife bloom, I realized how much of this I see all the time at the same time, but I'm usually in a car, so it got me thinking why bikers love biking so much, I couldn't explain it myself, but there's something that you feel; a good feeling, but hard for me to describe. After having a solid 6 hour ride with barely a fill up I made my way home. It was about 12 pm by that time maybe almost 12:30 when I got home and at the front of my driveway. Since it was my first time and it was also technically my dads first time owning a motorcycle so we thought best to park it in the garage(I mean who wouldn't want to keep their prized possession safe?)*note:the road to out drive way is at and awkward angle and turn, and my drive way is probably close to a 45 degree angle maybe even more, but as I was going up the drive way as I have done only once before, my rookie clutch skills and throttle control got the best of me (going way too slow) and I stall...being a kind of short legged person, my left leg couldn't touch the ground and could you guess? The bike was falling to the left... wilst my efforts of trying to tippy toe the "I don't know how heavy, but its ****ing heavy" beast back over to the right, but i couldn't do it so I slowly fell more to the left trying to keep the bike up, I got to my last ditch effort and tried to jump off the bike(holding the brake) and lift it up from the left side, but as i let my left foot down the bike came down more and that's when it abruptly fell and i pushed my self away from the bike, falling and when i fell the bike fell and with my steep ass hill i watched the girl drag herself down the concrete about 3 feet before stopping, there wasn't much i could do as it happened so quick and i was on the ground. I got it up as fast as possible and assessed the damage. Dented fuel tank broken indicators, somehow the front fender tore off, headlight smashed, 1 mirror ripped off the clutch case, the other just taken off the stem. Quite a long History of my motorcycle that at this point ive only had for 2 days and already putting more money into it. This bike was mint, but mistakes happen and you gotta live with em, im just happy i can still ride! Aesthetics are nice, but they don't mean the world to me.
2008 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 (Silver)


750cc, Shaft Drivenm 5-Speed
Wheel and Tire


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