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VT 500 Shadow
Made in USA, history very vague. only have MOT's and that its earliest time driven on road was 1984.
In very good condition and I intend to replace and rebuild it, to do Honda credit for its design.
I loved this bike like all my there's.
I started in 1963 with a James 98cc (didn't have any money to buy what I really wanted) my second bike was a Triumph Tiger Cub I rebuilt it and sold on and bought a BSA C15 wonderful sound to this bike. What inspired me to all this rebuilding well I was 11 years old my dad bought a bike and side car an Ariel 500cc and a Canterbury sidecar, He decided to do a topdown strip you know tappets and Pistons ect, I asked if I could I help and apart from over tightening very important bolts and having to get them out with a couple of red ears as at that time I didn't know my own strength it caused my dad to cry, at the age of 11 I couldn't persuade my dad I could put it right, well I did and we had a lot of great fun riding it. After my C15, I was earning a bit more money and so I bought the love of my life a 350cc Velocette Viper what a road holder I could kiss the road cornering on this bike. THis was the END as I thought of my Motorcycling, as getting married and having children was no time for Motorcycles. After my 3 boy's had grown up and married with children of their own I thought must get back on my bike. So, I did. Bought a Triumph stripped it down repainted and rebuilt it yes another onby this time I was 50ish Then Honda CB 500cc Twin I think came my way wonderful motorcycle then the Overhead Cam went on a motorway and I trid to restart it That was that. Next was at 65 I bought a Triumph Trident 900cc not the sort of bike for a 65 year old I still have it. NOW, I have had to reduce the weight and bought my HONDA Shadow and at 71, I can handle it very easily I am no midget I am 6 foot thanks to some 30 years of military in between working I kept myself a very, very 71 year old they tell me I don't look it, I still won't let them have a ride on my probably final Motorcycle, How have I stayed alive through all this SAFTEY first yes Boring old Safety. I have enjoyed my life on and with Motorcycles and I have never regretted any of it.
Thank you for taking the time to read an old Bikers memories, it's been a pleasure writing it. STAY SAFE ALWAY'S
2017 Honda VT 500 Shadow (RED)



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