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Showcase cover image for Johnny.B's 1984 Honda Shadow VT700, soon to be VT750

General Information

Shadow VT700, soon to be VT750
Candy Scorpio Red
Shiny, shiny Chrome.
It was purchased by a neighbor seven years ago where he then threw it into a shed to collect dust until I discovered it six years ago. I threw him a price, bought it, took it home where I dumped the cruddy six year old fuel and held it in my car port until I could pay to get the carbs cleaned.

One day I heard some scumbag had stolen a motorcycle, an '85 Shadow ironically, just down the road and I wanted to move it out of sight just in case, but the only way I could move it to the backyard was by starting it up. So I threw some good Ethanol-free fuel into it, cranked it, and to this day I have never needed those carburetors cleaned.

In mid-March 2016, I was out night riding when I was cut off by a car who pulled out right into the middle of street. There was no collision, but in my panic I slammed my shifter along with the breaks and doing so bent a shift fork, which I'm sure you all know means that it's basically a donor bike now.

I was hellbent on selling it, but my emotional attachment to the bike now has me looking for a whole new engine to put into the bike. So this 1984 Honda Shadow VT700 will soon be a 1984 Honda Shadow VT750.

Take that, early '80s Tax Laws!
1984 Honda Shadow VT700, soon to be VT750 (Candy Scorpio Red)



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