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Freakin' Purple, man!! Freakin' flaming purple!!
Cali version so I get to deal with all the vacuum lines if I'm tweaking the carbs. Lamont has spent the vast majority of his life in south Florida but has had a home in Indiana since 2011. He's a head turner wherever we go and can run with about anything until we hit the interstate. Then we settle in at about 75.

His name is Lamont Cranston because it is scrolled on each side over. At first I thought the previous owner was just egotistical until I Googled the name and realized it was the Superhero "The Shadow's" alter ego. It all makes sense.
1996 Honda VT1100C2 (Freakin' Purple, man!! Freakin' flaming purple!!)


The only issue I have had with the bike was when I first got it, it had been parked for 3 or 4 years. Put new rubber on it, new battery. My brother in law TOLD me he had replaced the plugs and fuel filter before he trailered it up to Indiana. I had an issue with it wanting to cut out at high speeds, intermittently. I rebuilt the carbs, switched out the coil and was about to replace the fuel pump. I pulled the fuel filter and it was 99% clogged. $13 later, he ran like a champ! Never trust in-laws!!!
Custom painted Purple and black flames! Really? Hahahaha. Memphis Shades windshield, Cobra slip-ons, . Remounted turn signals and larger bags. Crash bars, tank bib with a pouch I wired for charging and an MP3, Saddlebag mounted drink holders. Future mods this year will include a Mustang seat, Kuryakyn grips and Cobra floorboards all around.
Got one of those little things that make the brake light glow purple. Boss!! Oh and cruise control and a throttle rocker. Must haves!
Wheel and Tire
I was going to get one of those "super horns" for safety but I found if I just throw my aunt on the back and go faster than 10 miles an hour, her screams of fear put a Wolo or Stebel to shame!



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