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Shadow 1100
? nothing special from the factory
My first bike ever. First time riding a motorcycle was when I took her off the lot...I know not very smart...but I handled it well. Even had a lady slam on her brakes in front of me causing me to lock up the rear tire, did a little sideways action (nothing really much but for a first timer it was a LOT) and ended up super close but no touchy.

She had 6000 or so miles and in just a few years I had racked up over 30,000...was my only vehicle for over a year and that means she became my grocery getter, I'm sure I looked odd with a 50 pound bag of dog food, soda boxes, numerous plastic bags and all...I got real good with bungie cords I'll tell you that! Rain, sleet, snow, and shine...I've ridden in it all.

Sadly she's showing all this love and attention I gave her and I'm having to replace quit a few parts; hoses, filters, connectors. Just finished rebuilding the carbs, already had the hole saw mod, new plugs, air filters, fuel filters, some breather filter, oil/filter of course and once she's running new tires too...amongst other little odds and ends it needs but she'll be good as newish in a few months, hopefully by '18...paychecks and time allowing.

Future plans? paycheck and time dependent ;)
2006 Honda Shadow 1100 (black/chrome)


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