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General Information

Moon Dog
Shadow Spirit
Silver / Blue trim
Purchased stock, with baffles missing.
Purchased used (14,000 mi.) in Plano, Texas.
Today ......

As purchased ......

Deleted key switch in favor of hidden toggle.
Cobbled up new baffles.
Added scratch built forward pegs, angled in, with matching foot controls.
Six inch over legs.
Buck horn bars.
Better grips.
Raised the headlight.
Smaller mirrors.
Rack, with movable backrest.
Added removable frame (in backrest sockets) for travel bag.
Mustang unit seat.
Eliminated gas cap key.
Painted pipe guards & part of air cleaner cover black.
Replaced & relocated horn.
Changed out turn signals for smaller, brighter ones.
Moved license plate under the rack, and redirected light up.
Added led frame to license.
Swapped upper triple, to improve trail.
Stretched kick stand foot to fit new fork angle.
Added some nice bags, scratched the mounts.
Cobbled up some new "wings" to replace the plastic ones around the fork head.
Added tool bag under rack.
Added USB charging port inside right bag.
Corrected 1/4" cat track at rear tire.
Repaired & painted (black) cracked left crankcase cover.

On the street ......


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2002 Honda Shadow Spirit 750
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Very nice bike! Great job on the mods. Definitely a stand out. Thanks for sharing your pics and what you have done. Very inspiring I have a list of things I want to go to mine as well. I hope mine turns out as good as yours!

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'08 Spirit 750, SoCal
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Thank you. You have a clean looking one, and your pipes & seats already stand out. :cool:

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2009 VT750C2 Spirit, 2012 VT750C Aero, 2014 CB1100
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I saw your bike last Spring when my friend bought his Bonneville! Looked sharp then, and looks amazing with the mods you’ve done!