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Well long story here. Started out as a bike that this older Harley guy bought for his wife cause she was tired of riding bitch all the time and wanted to learn to ride by herself. I guess she rode it around and learned all of '03 three one day she was pulling it into their garage and popped off the clutch and bounced it off her cars bumper and knocked it over. It put a ding in the tank messed up the horn and turn signal housing a little bit and that was about it, no serious damage, and she was ok too. Well for the most part after that (except someone occasionally borrowing it for a quick ride) it pretty much just sat in their garage and collected dust. Then one day late in the 2010 season I stopped over there because a friend of mine said they might sell it. I was riding an 82 Yamaha maxim 650 at the time and nothing against that bike but it was just time for a change. So I talked about it, took it out on a test drive and just feel in love with the comfort of the ride and just the differences between the Spirit and my Yamaha. Within a couple days I made it to the bank pulled out a loan for the three grand she wanted for it and was then a proud New owner of a Honda shadow. Now like I said the riding season was just about done that year so after I brought it home I think I rode it around for a week or two then had to put it away before it started snowing.
So I waited all winter for riding season to start up and eventually it did and I pretty much got used to the bike and rode it around all summer loving it. I really didn't do anything to it over the 2011 riding season except change the oil and some other small routine maintenance, but no tire change no new chain and sprockets. Just pretty much riding. I did add a cheap-o aftermarket backrest so the girl could ride along and be more comfortable and that was about it. Somethings that did happen however were a couple of my friends getting cool new bikes for me to look at and going to a few bike shows to see some of the really neat stuff a person can do to customize and personalize a bike and lets just say I caught the bug. I thought a little bit about buying a new bike and customizing it but then I thought a little more and decided I love my bike and am used to it why not just do it to the one I have and know I like. So I took the rest of that summer to think and start making lists about the potential things I wanted change and do to the bike. Then before I knew it, it was time to put the bike away for the winter again.
So summer finally came again and it was time to start making some changes to my shadow to really make it my own. Step one was to get some custom paint and get rid of that factory purple and blue flame job. The only problem was I didn't wanna not ride while my tank and fenders were at a paint shop so I bought another shadow from someone that I work with and stripped that one down and sent the parts to get painted while I still had my bike to ride. I also took some other stuff of the bike. I replaced a mirror that got scratched when the original owner dropped it and my side covers said Honda while the other ones were blank so I switched those, took the saddle bags and some other small pieces. Then the parts came back from the paint shop so I switched everything over and sold the second bike I got. And it was time for more customization. First thing was a mustang studded wide touring seat with drivers backrest for my longer 13, 14 hour rides. I highly recommend this seat. It's a little expensive but it is like heaven on your ass compaired to the stock seat. Next on the list were some front axles nut spike covers and some other spikey dress up hardware. Next I decided to do the hole saw mod after some himming and hawing. Really glad I did that saved me about $ 400 over buying an aftermarket exhaust. I did have to adjust the air/fuel screws but I would have had to do that anyway if I bought another exhaust for it. Then I was at a stand still for a bit until this Monday when I had to order some LONG overdue tires tubes straps and a new chain and sprocket set. While I was at it I decided to take some money out of the savings account and order some of the custom things I wanted. Among the list were some nice handgrips, custom footpegs, a new rear axle that is drilled and tapped to take some spike bolts for looks, the billski taillight mod, a chrome radiator grill,a spike air filter, some custom clutch and brake levers, and some cool dress up hardware from this website I highly recommend this site they have a ton of neat stuff with great prices and they are amazing to deal with and are great with any questions you might have about their parts. So now I just wait for all this stuff to come in. Which brings me to today and I wanted to see what mods and things other people have done specifically to their Honda Shadows.
2003 Honda Spirit (Black)


Same as stock. Looked at some new wheels and really like them but hard to spend $1200 per wheel
All same as stock, except hole saw mod done on stock exhaust. Thinking about getting a larger rear sprocket but not sure what size I would want.
Most stated in history but a quick recap
-Saddle bags (not a fan of but -unfortunately they are a must have for me)
- Custom paint job
- Wide touring studded mustang seat with drivers backrest
- Mustang studded passenger's backrest pad
- Chrome tank trim
- Assorted spikey hardware
Coming Soon
- Kuryakyn ISO grips with stiletto end caps
- Kuryakyn zombie bootlegs
- Rear axle spikes
-Billski taillight mod
- Chrome radiator grill
- Spike air cleaner/filter
- Kuryakyn zombie levers
Same as stock
Listed in history and body work.
Wheel and Tire
Stock Speedo that's it. Thinking about getting a gps



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