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Shadow Spirit 750DCBA
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I bought my 2003 shadow Spirit 750 from my dad's co-worker for 500 bucks in 2017 or 2018 with only 1700 miles on it (7500 presently). Immediately after I bought it I took it to a shop waited for the owner to show up so they could put it in the shop but while I was waiting for the owner to show up I open up the gas tank and realized the whole inside was rusted out because he left the gasoline sit in it for 11 years. As far as I know the bike has never been dropped or lay down knocked over despite what my current gas tank may say I had to buy used one from eBay until I can buy a new one for the previously mentioned above and now I'm dealing with problem where my speedometer doesn't register at all I have already tried replacing the speedometer itself also I have tried replacing the speed sensor on the front tire I have also replace the fuse and when I replace the fuse after I took it out for a ride and it only registered up to 10 or 15 mph, when I know for a fact that I was moving much faster.


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Assuming you got the harness connected properly when the tank was replaced, (the connector can be hard to seat) the speedo drive on the front wheel may have broken off the drive tab that operates the transducer box. They can then operate intermittently as the parts grab now and then. I'd pull the small black box off the speedo drive at the fork, (1 bolt) check the tab coming out of the speedo drive. If still in 1 piece, can even try using a screwdriver bit on a cordless drill to spin the transducer (not too fast though and spin the front wheel, determine correct rotation 1st) see if the speedo works with key on.