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Sabre 1100
Orange with flames
Found it sitting under some trees. It was rusty and black. The previous owner is military over seas. I asked if ran and was told yes so I bought it and then drove it 3000 miles home. Had a few issues along the way.
I plan on customizing this as cheap as possible. I live on the beach in Galveston. So this thing is going to rust no matter what I do. I am thinking a cross between a bobber and a old school chopper as I need to have room for the wife.
First I had to extend the luggage rack to fit my actual luggage asI was not planning on buying a motorcycle. Put new brakes and changed the oil before leaving. 360 miles and 40 miles from a shop the rear tire blows on grooved pavement in a turn at 85 mph and a semi truck at my side. Safely got it to the shoulder and a $350 tow bill got itto the shop for a new tire in the morning. But they didn’t have a front. Had to go 200 miles to the next shop that stocked a front so $250 for a rear and another $250 for a front. Lots of vibration past 85 MPH and on decelerations. Steering bearing future project. Might as well do the entire fron suspension at the same time. Probably will lower it.

The previous owner had a little drinking issue and this thing has the scrapes to show for it, but it has been across the US and Mexico. They put Harley handle on it and called it Harlonda. I said I would keep the name. Might even put a few more Harley parts on her.


Harley drag bars
Cobra slip-ons
Wheel and Tire
Dunlop front. Pirelli rear Route 66


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