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Shadow VT700C
This is my first bike (unless you count the old pedal Honda 50 :). This bike has sentimental value, as it belonged to my Bro-in-Law, Ray. It has been a great starter bike. Someday I will graduate to something bigger, but this one will never leave our family. I have plans to restore it to it's former glory. Well, at least something similar as I have some custom ideas for it, but nothing to radical.

Love ya Bro, see ya in glory:)
1985 Honda Shadow VT700C (Black)


So far the only custom thing I've done is move the license plate. Either it gave out or someone had sticky fingers, but the rear Honda emblem came up missing. Awhile back I bought a sissy bar bag and THEN realized that I wouldn't be able to take any passengers with it on. oops:( So I started looking at different fender options. The other day I was taking the seat off, getting ready to tear into the carbs. I noticed the 2 license bracket mounting screws looked similar in spacing to the emblem mount on the fender. Sure enough, it fit. And better yet, it had a wire chase inside the fender that led to a hole behind the taillight. Looks as though this was an option:) Problem solved and all it cost me was the price of a little wire and a couple of bullet terminals. Suhweet:)

I plan on getting a quick release highway shield for it. My neck gets quite the work out with the little sport shield that is on it :)


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