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  1. 1998 Vt1100c3 Aero, Blowing 30A Fuse, No Lights, No Start

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, I'm Chris and I'm Shadoholic. Long time lerker, first time poster. Friends I'm somewhat stumped. tl;dr 30A blown, fried relay, replaced, still no lights. Full story from the beginning. I've got two of these exact same 98 Vt1100c3's. I got them from a buddy who had wrecked one and got...
  2. New to Honda working of friends 1996 1100 Shadow.. Fuel pump issue

    Technical Discussion
    1996 Honda VT1100C2 SHADOW American Classic Been sitting at least 5 years. They put new battery. I cam over and drained gas tank and carb bowl and put seafoam in fuel line and reconnected. Put fresh fuel and seafoam in tank. Cranks fine but I don't hear fuel pump at all. I assume it's either...
  3. 1998 Shadow Ace vt1100t Exhaust fitment

    General Bike Discussion
    Having a hard time finding a dual system for this bike. Vance and hines no longer makes the true dual for this model. Cobra dosent offer anything. Is there ANY other exhaust from another bike that would fit or Anyone have one they want to sell. Any info would be appreciated. !!!
  4. Trying to identify origin of oil leak

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 97 Ace 1100 with 62k miles, which I picked up a couple months ago. There's some seepage on the engine, and I'm trying to figure out if it's something I need to bring to a mechanic, or something I can do on my own. In terms of experience, I'm a little handy but haven't ever done more...
  5. Missing parts 1988 shadow vt1100 maroon color.

    Wanted Board
    Here’s what I’m missing so if anyone has extra that I can buy great! The side cover for the reserve fuel tank which I think I need a new one because it looks like someone drilled a hole through the bottom of mine Both motor side covers The fuel tank The rear seat The keys.....yes seriously. The...