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  1. Looking for oversize pistons for 83 VT750C

    Technical Discussion
    I started taking my project bike apart and noticed that the head gasket was blown. Evidently, it has been blown for a long time. The top of the piston and the cylinder bore are covered in rust. Also, it looks like the intake valve struck the piston. I've been looking for oversize pistons...
  2. I sheared my oil bolt. how bad is that? '83 vt500

    Technical Discussion
    While investigating what looked like a small leak near the cyliner head and under the carb, I think I caused some problems. I sheared one bolt in half on the rear cylinder head and may have over tightened (maybe stripped) the one on the other. I have a new bolt to replace the broken one but it...
  3. 83, 750

    Technical Discussion
    Hi I’ve been stuck on this bike for a while now. I have been bobing out this 83 VT750DC shadow and I got rid of everything wiring wise. Bare bones. Added a key ignition switch. I’ve had it started before after the wiring job. But ran into a clogged reserve tank issue. So after I cleaned tanks...
  4. Is 140psi Compression enough?

    Technical Discussion
    I’ve got an ‘83 750 I’m trying to get running, and I’m stuck on getting it to fire. The battery has to be recharged after every starting attempt session I do, but it does have spark on all plugs. The plugs are wet upon examination and I even shot a little fuel through the carbs to encourage it...
  5. VT500C issues

    Technical Discussion
    Recent carb clean all that. When bike is hot it has a hard time starting also when it’s warmed up and I rev it, it wants to die out. Any ideas what maybe causing it?