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  1. ISO 84 VT500C parts

    Wanted Board
    I'm in search of parts for my 1984 Honda Shadow 500. Let me know if you have anything. Thank you!
  2. Where does this hose go šŸ˜‚

    Technical Discussion
    Hey All, Been restoring a 1984 shadow 700 with more surprises than anticipated. Restoring might be a generous term, terrorizing throughout the learning process might be more accurate. I'm pretty sure this is a breather hose as it came to me with a piece of cheese cloth over it, but can...
  3. 84 VT700C project bike

    Technical Discussion
    I recently just bought an 84 vt700c shadow. Its my first bike ever. I paid $500 and it's in pieces. I found a great pdf manual online already and I'm about to start putting it together. Any advice? I've never messed with a bike before and I'm in for some fun. I know already that I'm going to...
  4. Replace coolant hose? 1984 VT700

    Technical Discussion
    Too long my bike's been sitting in my buddy's garage, and this year Reno's winter had no snow and too many good riding days to miss any more. I'm looking to replace the coolant hose that goes from the radiator to the engine because mine was probably new in 1984 and the ends were ripping up. I'm...