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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello, I recently picked up a non running Honda shadow in trade for an engine stand. I cleaned the carbs and the bowl is getting fuel. So I would assume it would start but it only starts when I put gas in the intake port.
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi, I just looked in my carburetors and found out that I have a Calif. model with smaller jets (108, 115)compared to the normal version(112, 120). Why is that so? and do I get more power if I change to the bigger once or is there a reason for these smaller jets?
  3. Technical Discussion
    Howdy there ladies and Gents. Beginner Builder in the house. Just need a little guidance. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m currently in the middle of a handle bar swap and purchased some 1” inch Squid Bars with 10” Rise thru Zombie Performance. Great Stuff if your in the market for handle...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Calling all Shadow enthusiast, I recently purchased a 86 shadow 700c. This is my first project bike. I purchased the bike in NOT running condition. The Carb was pulled from the previous owner and everything with it (Great :rolleyes:). Excited to get to work. Through trial and error she’s...
1-4 of 4 Results