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  1. New bars, master cylinder angle

    Technical Discussion
    I am putting on new bars and, i noticed witht hem the master cylinder is not level now. Is this ok? If its not can someonr please recommend some alternatives please. Thanks in advance!
  2. Starts With Solenoid Bridge, 1 Click Lights Out w/ Starter Switch

    Technical Discussion
    1993 Honda Shadow VT1100C - stock with these mods: drag pipes, all LED lights and turns /with hyper flash diodes, electronic turn signal blinker switch, light bar on separate electrical wiring harness, sound system, phone charger (last 3 disconnected for below testing). On 3rd battery. Battery...
  3. 1993 Honda Shadow VT1100C

    Technical Discussion
    Wanted to start a thread for this model. Interested in hearing from other owners, and learning more about its history, it’s quirks, and it’s technical resources. Didn’t see a thread come up for this here. (I know this has a business logo, but it’s the nicest photo I’ve seen anywhere of this...