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1995 honda shadow ace 1100

  1. Do you think a Rim 16 (Rear end) will fit a Honda Shadow Ace 1100 from 1995?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi have my Honda ACe 1100 1995 adn currently have rim with spokes, they get rust and is hard to be adjusting them, I want to change them, currently there is a guy selling a Rim from an ACE tourer 2000 with the rear rim of 16". What do you sugest?
  2. Where would i find an an exhaust for my 95 shadow ace vt1100c2 ?

    General Bike Discussion
    I have a 95 shadow ace. I had the fortune of taking it on a long road trip and along the way the exaust system broke. i spent almost a month looking for a stock or aftermarket exhaust for it and no luck. Hundreds of dollars later and a mickey mouse repair on it, I was able to make it home. I...
  3. Ape Hanger/General Handlebar Question

    Technical Discussion
    Hi community, I am fairly new still to the motorcycle world and would appreciate some input and answers for some questions. In general, I would like to replace the stock handlebars of my 1995 Honda Shadow Ace 1100. About a week ago, I was speaking to an agent from JP Cycles about...