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  1. Before and After

    Before and After of my Honda Shadow Aero 750
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone I have a 2006 Honda Shadow VT750, I recently bought a headlight for it but I cannot seem to get it on AT ALL, the reason is because the fork covers. I'm not familiar with how to get them off and I've looked for brackets for that size but im clueless as to what size my fork tube...
  3. My Candy-0. 2006 Shadow Spirit vt750DC

    The pics range from the latest updates to the day I brought her home. I have a lowering kit and an LED under the fender rear lighting kit that won't get on until July (working out of town), but I cant wait!!
  4. Member Introductions
    As the riding season is relatively short here in Alaska I had gone several years without a bike (last bike 1997 Suzuki Intruder 1400 (sold in 2004)). But the need to unjustify my excuses caught up to me Lol. I'm a new member here looking to share my journey with my latest crush, Candy-0 :) She's...
  5. C2AB7F23-ACCB-4AD0-BDD5-C5765B3CA45D.jpeg

    when i first brought her home. June 2019
  6. 938C8EC0-DCD3-4D82-96D3-B4AD0F3CCCC4.jpeg

    Metzeler ME888 White Walls installed. June 2019
  7. E9580ADC-7ADB-4102-AA05-7A0DA7845D8A.jpeg

    new white walls. Metzeler ME 888's. June 2019
  8. 31CE0A81-2C0F-4074-B6E0-69FE97716F68.jpeg

    on the glenn highway north of Anchorage. June 2019
  9. C2489E56-0FF5-4EB3-86E2-91D5AD08A258.jpeg

    Whew! just made it to this gas stop! Glenallen AK. 2019
  10. 8A53EC67-D048-4C39-8469-0B2433DE00D3.jpeg

    Talkeetna AK, Denali in the background. July 2019
  11. C750D68B-3DDC-4EE9-A6C4-255F284662C3.jpeg

    Removed the back rack and sissy bar. July 2019
  12. A2976A4E-D282-4C92-93FF-C3D8195D1D1D.jpeg

    new Memphis Shades 5" spoiler windshield and Kiwav mirrors
  13. A8468A47-1835-4B3E-8D38-34C6A62CB5D6.jpeg

    New 5" spoiler windshield from Memphis Shades and i'm loving these Kiwav mirrors, hope i still do while i'm cruising down the road! March 2020
  14. 2006 Vt750c 1

    Might buy this.
1-15 of 15 Results