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  1. My Candy-O! 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

  2. For Sale 2013 Honda Shadow 750 ---- reduced !

    Bikes For Sale
    I'm selling my 2013 Honda Shadow 750---- it is in excellent condition with only 6985 miles. Comes with leather saddlebags, sissybar with a back pad, and a luggage rack, and has had a recent oil change. It has a very comfortable ride, and an excellent sounding exhaust --- not too loud, but not...
  3. '83 VT750 pilot jet size?

    Technical Discussion
    Anyone know what the stock pilot jet sizes are for an '83 shadow VT750C? My bike was running harsh, misfiring a lot during acceleration in any gear. I started loosening the air/fuel mixture screw and the rpms continued increasing the further i let the screws out. Well apparently I let them out...
  4. 83, 750

    Technical Discussion
    Hi I’ve been stuck on this bike for a while now. I have been bobing out this 83 VT750DC shadow and I got rid of everything wiring wise. Bare bones. Added a key ignition switch. I’ve had it started before after the wiring job. But ran into a clogged reserve tank issue. So after I cleaned tanks...
  5. In need of a gas tank!!

    Wanted Board
    While my bike was in storage, a light fixture came down and hit my gas tank denting it pretty badly. Wondering if anyone on here has or knows of someone that has a 2007 Honda Shadow 750 Aero Black gas tank that is for sale or that they want to get rid of. Or if you know of a good place to pick...
  6. Throtle cables and clutch cables for 2012 Phantom

    Technical Discussion
    hi guys, im jonas btw. ive bought my phantom last year, and im 6 feet 2, so its kinda small. and after longer rides, i end up with a sway in my back, a coworker why builds bikes on his freetime sugested that i needed to replace my handebar, and i kinda agree, testet some HD with apes, and im...
  7. Re jet 2006 aero 750

    Technical Discussion
    Im currently working on my 2006 aero, single carb. It has a k&n air filter in the stock air box and vance and hines exhaust. I havent looked to closely at the carb to see if there has been any tinkering. But i get afterfire/backfire during decel sometimes. So im thinking i should rejet. Ive...
  8. 09 Honda Shadow 750 won't start after being garaged for three years

    Technical Discussion
    So, im new here... I have looked at threads like this and my issue seems to be somewhat unique... my bike was running perfectly when parked, i had to charge the battery last year to start her... but other than that she always fire right up. Now we brought her to out to get her going so first...
  9. Newcomer to the Honda family

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I’m Santi! New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself! I have a 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom 750. Definitely loving it. Currently needs some repairs at the moment from a incident I had recently so I would definitely love AND APPRECIATE suggestions from my fellow Honda fans! I’ll...